lunes, julio 30, 2007

N.O.C.S.M: "Miami Beach '99 v/s a very cute "devil haircut" California '07"

No one can stop me 1: "Miami Beach '99 v/s a very cute "devil haircut" California '07"

When I was sixteen the crispy waves in my hair were a lovely fashion accessory to my brain. No damage, no tears, an accomplished concept that gave a spectacular summer with a touch of freshness. Near Ocean's Drive, at a relatively hush Music Store I found the EP How am I driving (Radiohead); it was a love at first sight and I did buy immediately the disc. Well, this time I saw a very pretty Sebastian Ferrer (or his clone) buying or "seeing" some music. Later, this good looking man was a hit in Chile and his hairdressing saloons got a lot of MILF and desperate women in his chairs. And of course, the fashion tips on TV shows burned the eyes of the impatient, and hot bodies women.

Well, let's get to the point: Why a good haircut may help you? Or why a good haircut can give you a lot of admiration, good adventures, good relationships and a hundred of Warlhol units in the whole world?

I do not have the explanation for this phenomena but my experience has given me a little bit of the truth. Maybe a well dressed girl should give a very good impression, but if her hair is snowball-like or firework-like under a shower, the very nice girl turns now into an unfortunate kindergarten-messed up hair girl.

This year I was in a small trip across US; the day before my departure I went to my hairdresser and my hair got a really cool appearance! It was perfect with or without combing in the morning. My flight was very comfortable, and my hair looked always perfect . I felt happy. When I arrived to the desert: good; at 38 °C: good; in the train: good; in the film festival: a Hit; I got respect not only by my brain, my spectacular appearance was a perfect company, like a cutie-doll-dog in my arms. Specially in San Francisco and NY, in the ferry and the bridge, Oh! my spectacular hair gave me very outstanding power over the people!

This will be continued…

And... My podcast Yes, I know it is dregree... not grade xD (If you wanna listen it)

5 comentarios:

Dav dijo...

As Always, Marvelous! :D
W O W !

Bruno Córdova dijo...

Unfortunately (to you), Sebastián is old and fat now.

Jaskask dijo...

Oh! Thank U David! I love you!

Well, Bruno, this is a very bad new, but He will always be very good-fashioned, ain't he?

AlCapone dijo...

I know that you already know about this phenomena but when you mix a good hearcut with the right sunglasses or another cool "personal gadget" the number of looks goes ten times up!

In the end, it's all a matter of attitude and style, don't you think?

Also as Dav, i must say that you're always gorgeous.

PS: I say this in a good way ;)

Jaskask dijo...

Of course dear!

:D :P :"D

(And a nice laptop is very useful too ;) )

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